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  6th Birthday Gift Ideas
Six is an exciting time for children, they are full-time students with responsibilities, but still need plenty of time for fun. Give an artistic birthday gift to let them explore their creativity and embrace their talents through creating and crafts. Dolls and figures are an excellent choice for a versatile gift that can do anything a kid can imagine. These toys are not only fun, they allow children to make up scenarios and play out ideas, building confidence and social skills. Help them unwind and improve reading skills with age-appropriate books and workbooks to keep learning fun, or give birthday gifts that let them enjoy the outdoors after a long day of studying.

6th Birthday Theme:
Creative Ideas
Girl Theme:
Creative Ideas

6th Birthday Theme:
Erector set
Outdoor games
Social skills
Action figures

Girl Gifts:
Art sets
Creative games
Art sets
Outdoor toys
Art toys
Pretend toys

Sixth Birthday Gift Ideas, click on Photos for more info:

American Girl Crafts Art Kit
Just $14.99!

My Comic Book Kit
For Him
Just $27.48

Barbie and Her Sisters
in a Pony Tale Gala Gown
Amazing at $31.89!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Sewer Lair Playset
Only $74.99

Fancy Nancy Collector's Quintet
From $5.19!

I can read Box Set

Girl's Jump Rope
Just $9.95

Boochie, A Whole New Ball Game
From $26.21

Gift Ideas for all Birthdays

Sweet Nostalgia
Birthday Candy Surprise!
Just $34.95

Fly Away Birthday Bouquet
Just $54.95!

Kindle Fire 7" Tablet, Now in HD
Just $169.00

Sony Cyber-shot 18.2 MP
Digital Camera with 30x Optical Zoom
and 3.0-inch LCD (Black)
Just $218.99!
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