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  5th Birthday Gift Ideas
Five year olds are full of energy, creativity and imagination. Toys that offer the chance to plan out their own creations, such as legos or open-ended construction toys, allow children to creatively express themselves while building the skills needed to plan and complete a project independently. Art tools, like crayons, paint and plenty of paper give kids the same opportunity to express themselves creatively. With school-age children, improving social skills is especially important, boards games are a fun way to help children learn about winning and losing. At five, children can participate in many of the activities the adult in their life enjoys, such as baking and taking pictures. Get them toys that allow to collaborate with adults for some quality time.

5th Birthday Theme:
construction, hand eye coordination, creative, board games

5th Birthday Gifts:
Coloring set
Drawing book

Fifth Birthday Gift Ideas, click on Photos for more info:


Art Set!

Deluxe Art set!

Camera & Projector!

Cooking Set!

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