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  3rd Birthday Gift Ideas
At three, a child is leaving the toddler years behind and officially becoming a preschooler. This is an exciting time in a childs’ life, suddenly they are talking, feeding themselves and are ready for so much more. Three is a great age to work on reasoning skills with toys that require problem solving. Get toys like cash registers to introduce mathematics, or puzzles for solving. At three, most children are coordinated enough to begin riding bicycles or other toys with pedals, improving balance and giving them the confidence they need to one day ride a bike. Get them toys that encourage singing,to build their speaking ability and vocabulary, and let them dance the day away. Kids at this age are ready for more complicated books that introduce new ideas and require them to pay attention longer than simple board books.

3rd Birthday Theme:
Story books, DVD's

3rd Birthday Gifts:
pedal toys
problem solving
pretend play
language skills
cognitive development
educational toys

Third Birthday Gift Ideas, click on Photos for more info:

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